Thanks for checking us out!!


We are Social Stone, and this is our website...which explains the words "SOCIAL STONE" being plastered all over these pages.


If you would like to get email updates on upcoming shows, you can join our distribution list by sending us an email at Please include your full name and the preferred email address that you would like us to use.


Please also "like" us on Facebook at Social Stone - London,ON and you can follow us on Twitter @social_stone.


If you are interested in having us play for an event, use the Contact Us page and send us an email!


We look forward to meeting fans old and new at our upcoming shows.


SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 2014 - Social Stone is road trippin' down the 402 to SARNIA!! We're thrilled to finally be taking the stage at THE UNION STATION BAR & GRILL! We're looking forward to making some new friends in Sarnia and be sure to check out The Union Station at


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